Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013

first culinary stop - gaggan

eiweiß sphäre mit indischen kardamom. essbarer "plastiktüte". weisse schokolade mit grünes curry-öl. sphere with indian cardamom. edible "plastic bag". white chocolate with green curry oil.

auster mit senf-butter-eis. oyster with mustard butter ice cream.

 foie gras auf röstbrot mit portweinzwiebeln. foie gras on toast with red wine onions.
 kartoffeln trüffel schaum. truffle potato soup.
 tigerprawn grünem curry marinade mit korrianderschaum.  tiger prawn in green curry marinade. 
 wachteln.  quail.
 jakobmuscheln. scallops. 
 chicken tandoori. 
 mango mousse auf pitazien eis. mango mousse on pistachio icecream.
 green tea cake. 

... was not what we expected. the restaurant is hidden in the most darkest conner i've ever see. as we enter the room is was white, woody and harmoniously. we hope to get some molecular cuisine experience, but only the first dish was molecular. after that, our culinary journey was destroyed by "dry quail" and "raw eggs". later that evening - the cook invited us to see the kitchen, but he was kind of disrespectful...all in all it was ok, but in some way disappointing too. 

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