Freitag, 28. Juni 2013

run baby run

caramelized mint, pork, beef and peanuts on pineapple.
 shrimps salad in curry pancake served with fresh mango and watermelon. 

 main dishes: chicken curry, cold boiled shrimps salad with a very sour herbs(nobody knows what kind of herbs that is), stir fried beef, and sweet sour soup (which is more sour and hot hot hot than anything else, oh and a lots of garlic flakes;) i'm literally sweating all over my face while trying to eat that. 

 i'm never to full for dessert. but i have to say no to this tasteless coconut soup. 
 nahm - or should i say lame? not much to say about this restaurant except that the food is very very spicy, sour and not worth the money...

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